Stuff I do

  • Gasket, my former startup. It'll do no less than revolutionizing the way people work with spreadsheets. (Well, that didn't work out!)  
  • Founder of Prokapi,  where we do consulting and development focussed on modern web  development and mobile applications. Mind you, its homepage is quite  outdated (the perks of too much work!)  
  • I'm mentoring some people on their journey to becoming good programmers. I answer their questions regarding C, Python and Django, and pester them with feedback and programming tasks.  
  • I ran the SaaS app BunkerApp, a full-blown toolbox for freelancers offering everyting they need for their daily workflow.  
  • Co-founder of naggelMobile (now dismantled), developer of mobile apps for Palm/HP webOS. Our apps won several awards (and they would've been featured in TV spots if HP hadn't discontinueed webOS!)  

Stuff I know

  • I'm a true full-stack web developer, understanding modern webdev from all the high level stuff down to the actual electrons travelling through the computer's circuits. Though webdev is my bread and butter work, I also enjoy going down the stack and getting my hands dirty with mobile development using C and OpenGL.  
  • I also enjoyed some formal education and recevied a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from renowed RWTH Aachen University. For my diploma thesis, aptly named Architecture Exploration of Compressed Sensing for LTE Channel Estimation, I designed an ASIC processor with its own instruction set and architecture, then optimized several algorithms for it and implemented them in an assembler language specifically developed for this processor architecture.  
  • There's also my horribly outdated CV.

Stuff I like

  • Hiking, Biking, and Skike'ing with Steffi in Canada.
  • Franz Kafka, e.g. his masterpiece Das Schloß (The Castle).
  • GNOME. I coordinated the German translation team from 2004 to 2014, did bug triaging, and ran booths and spoke at several events.  
  • Bitcoin, though I regret deleting my wallet.dat back in 2010
  • I ♥ Free Software, so kudos to FSF, GNU, Mozilla and all you other awesome folks!

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