On February 8th I've introduced voluntary donations on grin-pool.org. Users have the choice of giving a small (or larger) percentage of their mining proceeds to the Grin development fund and/or the pool. Many users decided to set their donations on the first day and many more did so in the next days.

Now that the month is over and I'm happy to do the first transfer of funds to the Grin team.

But let's do some stats first:

In total, 272 users decided to donate to grin and/or the pool (246 donate just to grin, 263 to just the pool).

The minimum donations someone set are 0.01% (looks like someone wanted to get rid of the sad smileys that appear if you don't donate at all), and the maximum donations are 2% to the pool, and a whopping 20% to grin! The median donation to grin and the pool is 0.5% each, the average donation is 0.85% to grin, and 0.62% to the pool.

I'm happy to see that so many users decided to give back, and that they follow the pool's recommendation to give more to grin than to the pool.

From February 8th to 28th, our users in total generated the following donations:

  • 17.087656585ツ to the grin developer fund
  • 15.927721009ツ for running grin-pool.org

(For those who care about FIAT: at today's exchange rate (3.27$/ツ) that equals 55.88USD for grin, and 52.08USD for the pool)

It's not a lot, but little strokes fell big oaks, and it shows that at least a small percentage of miners cares about the project, mines on non-50%-pools and gives back. Thanks a lot guys and girls!

Here's to many more donations for the developer team to come!